Love Letter

My dearest little lamb,

Fear not, I have redeemed you! You are mine and I call you by name. Yes, my servant Isaiah penned those words many years ago. But when I spoke them to his heart, you were in my mind. You are so precious to me. You were bought with a price that cost me dearly. You were bought with the very life of my only Son. I don’t regret that choice. You see, if I had to do it all over again, I would do it for you.

You really don’t understand the depths of my love for you. You walk around with you head hung low like you are still enslaved. The evil one lies to you and you believe him. He is the father of lies. He screams at you that there is no way that I could love someone like you. The anger he feels pours out of him as he lies that I hate you. Lies all lies! My love for you is greater than his capacity to understand. He is blinded by deceit and wants you to be too.

Lies all lies! The truth is that I have removed the shackles from your wrists and ankles. I have set you free! The truth will set you free. My son is the Truth. His work set you free. It is as simple as that. You are free. I have redeemed you!  I love you. You have been redeemed from the curse. You are free to walk in my love and enjoy my presence.

A while back, you made the decision to follow My Son. The angels rejoiced in heaven that day. There was a party thrown in your honor that day. What a party is was! The angels sat in anticipation waiting for you to walk out of your jail cell into freedom. The door was opened and I felt no condemnation towards you. You took the first step of freedom but that was all. You still believe that you deserve to live in captivity and so you stay in your jail cell.

Today, I call you to walk out of the jail cell into true freedom. You have been redeemed! You are truly free! The door of the jail cell is open. There are no shackles on your wrists or ankles. You have been pardoned. There is no stain or mark on you; you are perfect in my sight. Believe the Truth because He has set you free.

You are free, you have been redeemed! Come with me on this journey of freedom. You will learn to walk with me. You will learn to hear the whispers of My Spirit and ignore the shouts of the evil one. You will slowly learn to lean on me. We will walk together hand in hand on this journey.

The journey is a process. Don’t be upset that you don’t get it perfect the first time; I am not. The journey is living and breathing me. The journey is learning to enjoy my presence in a harried afternoon when you can’t even think or breathe. Breathe in my presence. The journey is learning to see the simple yet profound ways I touch you with my love. The kisses that I blow your way in an unexpected breeze on a hot still summer day. The joy that I bring you watching fireflies on a summer evening. The wonder you see in a small child’s face when they see a butterfly land on their arm that is a glimpse of me. It is me showing you of my love for you. Someday, you and I will get to your destination. I have promised that I have prepared a place for you. It is so much more than you could ever ask or imagine. Go ahead, try to think about how wonderful it will be someday. Give it your wildest dreams and that doesn’t even come close to what I have prepared for you when you get home someday. But that is someday, not today. Today the journey is just as amazing if you have eyes to see and ears to hear. I AM is all around you. Rejoice in my presence. I know that it doesn’t seem that way at times. It feels like I have left you. Those are lies of this fallen world. I have promised that I will never leave you or forsake you. The Great I AM will never leave you! I will hold your hand as you journey through this life and I will hold your hand as you cross into the next life. I have this journey in my hands because I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. You can trust me. Come with me on this journey called life and I will give you Life. I am the Good Shepherd and you are my lamb. I love you so much more than you know!

My child, my dearest little lamb, even with all this encouragement, you still sit in the dark corner of your jail cell.  You don’t believe that all of this could possibly be true. You think maybe just maybe for someone else but not me. Today, I call you by your name, not your sin. You have been redeemed. I am patient. I will wait for you to walk out of the darkness into the light of your freedom. After all, I have redeemed you! You are mine and I call you by name. I am the Good Shepherd and you are my lamb. Come.

I love you!



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