Morning Routines and Control

I prefer routines and organization. I want to be in control. It is upsetting when others want to plan my schedule. It is even worse when I believe God wants to set the agenda. He is God, and he controls everything. But, I resist his loving hand. I throw toddler-size temper tantrums in my head. Many times, I don’t want to do what he is asking of me.

In 2010, God asked me to spend time with him daily. In Christian-speak, have a quiet time. My Bible reading and prayer times were spotty. I read for a season and then the excuses came when I stopped reading. I thought I was a failure as a Christian. I didn’t understand the truth of Romans 8:1. It says, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” He wasn’t mad at me.

I took a chance and did it. I read and praying regularly. Now, seven years later a quiet time is part of my life. It is how God and I relate. He talks and I talk to him. Some days it is ho-hum and others it is amazing. I have found a relationship and conversation full of love, grace, and hope.

Last spring, I came to understand in my quiet times that I was to write. Recently, the conversations were on changing my routine by combining my writing and quiet times. I had been experimenting with different things but nothing was working comfortably The internet has lots of how-to information on morning routines. Portions of the information are helpful and others are lousy. Until now the articles were not helpful category. Today, I discovered a blog that was.

The author stressed the emotional side of morning routines. Her post hooked me. She said the internet made morning routines sound too easy. God met me in her writing to let me know my feelings were okay.  It is normal for a quiet time, or morning routine to be hard. Just do it as Nike says.

We serve a mighty God. He will use many things to teach us. Are we willing to listen? The author had different views than mine. In the first paragraph of her post, she tells she reads books on Buddhism. I was at a crossroads. I could stop reading because of her views or could I listen to the still small voice of God. Which way should I go? God’s voice was saying read and so I read.

I am so glad I listened to the gentle voice of my Daddy because he had something to teach me. In Jeremiah 29:11, he says he has a plan. I am learning to trust that plan. While the God of the universe will not lead you into sin, he will lead you to places you don’t expect. Today he told me more about what my morning routine through an unlikely source. He used a Buddhist writer! My Daddy is the Creator and uses his creativity to teach us. It may be in a manner we least expect.

Has God ever lead you to places you never expected to go? I would love to hear your story. Tell me in the comment section.

It usually contains tea but I like the mug.


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