5 Quiet time suggestions you wouldn’t feel like a failure doing

In my last post, Morning Routines, I talked a little bit about my quiet time routine. The meeting together and talking is a routine but what we do every day if never routine. I am a YouVersion kind of girl. I like to pull up the Bible on my phone, put on my headphones and walk. Many days, that is how our time together happens. I go to a wonderful church but some days I need to listen to more sermons. I have several pastors that I will pull up on Youtube and watch. Some days, God speaks through them. I love to read! There are Godly authors books that are invited into our time together. I have a leather NIV Bible that I bought in the mid-80’s. It is marked up and dated with promises. Sometimes the Lord leads me there to remember His faithfulness of the past and to look to the future. Depending on the weather, I will go for a walk on the property and talk with my Creator.
A Morning Routine or Quiet time is spending time with Jesus. It is variable and unique as we are. As a young believer, I was told exactly how to do it. I was given a checklist complete with how much time I should spend on each activity. I felt like a failure!
A How –to you won’t feel like a failure doing:
  1. There are no right and wrong ways to spend time with God.
  2.  Talk to him, he will let you know what to do every day.
  3. He loves you!
  4. He wants to spend time with you so try it.
  5. He wants to have a romance with you. I know that sounds weird but he does call us his bride.
Jesus wants to talk to you now.
Come and sit by my side and be quiet for a moment. Let me love you in the tender, sweet ways that I share only with you. Don’t seem surprised. You are unique and I have a way of relating to you that I share with no other. One day, I will give you a new name that only you and I know. That is for the future, but now, we have special things that only you and I share. You are mine and I cherish our time together. I long for the times when we can linger in our love for one another. I know that your days are busy and sometimes all I get is a rushed hello. That is alright from time to time but our relationship will not grow if that is all I get from you. You need to drink deep of my presence, bathe in my love. It is deep, intense, and more than you could ever imagine. You may find that intimacy frightening but I will never hurt you. I made you. I already know you more deeply than you can know. My heart is pure and holy, you can trust me with your heart. I will not break it.  I want to share my love with you. I call you to come. Will you come and drink of my love? I have invited you. The door is open anytime that you want to come. Please come, I wait for you. I love you, you are mine.

What does your morning routine or quiet time look like? I would love to hear about it in the comments.


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