Spring has come to South Texas

This has been a strange winter. We had a record low of 19 degrees in December and a high of 91 degrees in February. It has not been unusual for me to wear a sweatshirt, a short-sleeved shirt, and a tank top all in one week. We have had some rain but not a lot. We have had few freezes and my gardener friends are debating whether they should start their gardens early. Our average last freeze is March 15th.

The calendar may say that there are a few weeks before spring but it is appearing. Some of the trees are starting to bud. We have a variety of oak called the Live Oak. It keeps its leaves all winter and drops them as it buds out with new leaves. It appears to be an evergreen but it is not. It will drop so much pollen that cars have a yellow layer on them. They are beautiful trees and we have tons of them on our property.

Sally and Andy Wasowski, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center



One of my favorites that bloom this time of year is the Mountain Laurel. It is a small, slow-growing tree that packs a fragrant punch. The purple blooms smell like grape Kool-aid. We don’t have any but we want a lot of them because they are so beautiful. 

It is still too early for fields of the flower that we are famous for, but the Texas Blue Bonnets have started. This photo was from a field on my road two years ago.   This is my neighbor’s field last year.  More photos to come in the next few months. Enjoy!

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