Spring mean babies!

We thought we were going to have lambs this season, but that didn’t happen. We keep our male sheep, rams, separate from the female sheep, ewes. Our adult ram, Shelby, escaped his pen. We were convinced that there were going to be several unplanned lambs this spring. That did not happen.

The babies that arrived were even more unexpected. We have five emu chicks that have hatched! We have lived here for four years and this is a first for us. They emus have laid eggs before. But have never sat on the nest and hatched the eggs. We would find the eggs when we noticed Sammie snacking on a large distinctive egg.

Sammie, the egg eater.

Emu eggs are beautiful and huge. One of the first ones we found, we scrambled for a Saturday breakfast. One egg fed the four of us with leftovers.  I used one stray egg to make a quiche. I usually use six chicken eggs in that recipe.

Emu egg on the left, large store bought chicken egg on the right

The five chicks are up and moving! They are all following mama around. Since we have never done this, we don’t know how fast they grow. But this picture was taken when they were two days old.

They grow to be large as adults and they are not as cute. 

But they do take wonderful selfies!

Have you ever met an emu? Until we moved to the ranch, I hadn’t. If you have, tell me about your adventure in the comment section.

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