ALL THINGS and my computer

And we know that in ALL THINGS
God works for the good of those who love him,
who have been called according to his purpose
Romans 8:28

I had an ALL THINGS event on Saturday evening. If you are just joining my blog or don’t remember, here is my previous post about ALL THINGS.

Master Gardener

I am a Master Gardener. I know it sounds all official and like I know stuff. Well, I do, kinda. I took a semester-long course and learned a lot about gardening. But in practice, I am still a novice gardener. When the editor of our newsletter resigned last summer, I took the position. Master Gardeners is a volunteer organization. So I receive no monetary compensation for doing the newsletter. I put together and publish about a 20-page newsletter once a month. It is fun and I enjoy it, until tonight.
Over the last few days, I have put in about 10 hours of work in preparation and then designing the newsletter. Right before dinner, the newsletter was almost finished. I had maybe another hour or so work before I could send it out to my proofreaders. I shut down the program and then wasn’t sure I had saved the last change. It seemed strange that it didn’t ask me if I was sure I wanted to close without changing. I tried to open the program.


It told me that it had discovered a problem and for the safety of my computer it would not open the program. I waited a few minutes and tried again. It gave me the same message. My husband is an IT guy as his profession. I asked him to look at it. He said, “Let’s eat dinner first.” He suggested that I close the program. Not what I wanted to hear but I was okay with it.
We have had a busy day and leftovers were planned for dinner. Dinner was quickly on the table. While I was microwaving the leftovers, I decided that this was an “ALL THING”. If I had lost several hours of work, God was going to use it for good. This is not my normal reaction to computer troubles.
My husband is good with computers, his skills put food on our table. Me, I have basic skills and can work a few programs. But, I have almost no knowledge or skill with what make a computer tick. When things go wrong with my computer, I freak. The only thing my husband dislikes more than helping me with computer issues is fighting with me. I don’t understand computers inner workings so when they fail, I am a mess. (Hubby feel free to leave a comment to let my readers know I am not exaggerating.)

Trusting the Shepherd

I decided that that yes, I may have lost 6 hours of computer work but it wasn’t the end of the world. God was still on his throne and in control. I may have to re-do the entire issue but I was fine with that. Hubby and I ate dinner and I was calm.
After dinner, he said he wanted to go sit on our front porch swing. I joined him. It was a beautiful country spring evening. We saw two hummingbirds come to the feeders. We saw either a hawk or an owl fly low across our property. We heard an owl. We watched the dogs and the livestock. I looked for fireflies but did not see any. It was a relaxing time with my husband enjoying God’s creation. And I didn’t think about the computer.
We went back inside and I asked him if he could look at the computer tonight or if it needed to wait until tomorrow. I was okay with either answer. He said he would look at it in about five or ten minutes.
While I was waiting, I caught up on Facebook. I know, not real spiritual but this is real life. When he was ready, he asked me to try to open the program again so he could see the error message. Well, I opened it expecting to see the error message again but that is not what happened. The program opened correctly and all my work was there. There was no loss at all! Everything was perfect.
I have no idea what happened, I am not that good with computers. It was all there!


I wrote the beginning part on Saturday night. It is now Wednesday morning. Yesterday, I got the same error code and I had not saved an extra copy. Yes, I know, it was a silly mistake. I won’t make that one again. This was the longest newsletter that I have done; 29 pages. I thought it was all gone. Once again, God said are you going to trust me or freak out? My IT guru husband was working from home yesterday. I asked him what to do. He gave me his opinion. I did what he suggested and I got my file back. I have now finished the newsletter and sent it out to my proofreaders.
Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” We, or I, tend to think of that verse with the big issues of life. It has to do with the everyday small things too. Some things I deal with it better than others. Computer issues are not one of my best. Others I do okay with. As with anything with God, it is a process. Some days are better than others but he reminds us that he has no condemnation for us.
For those who are in Christ Jesus.
Romans 8:1
What about you? Do you have trouble with All Things in everyday life like I do? Do you consider some days a win and others a fail? Don’t beat yourself up! He loves you and does not condemn you. I would love to hear your comments.

My IT rancher husband plowing the 2016 spring garden


Pumpkins from the 2016 spring garden




2 thoughts on “ALL THINGS and my computer

  1. Carole Miller

    Didn’t know you had a tractor/plow!!! You’re really farming.

    Master Gardner huh? I love going to you folks for advice cause gardening is my thing!

    Enjoyed the column

    1. Post author

      I can only give you basic information. The climate and soil are very different between south Texas and Minnesota. What I learned was very local.


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