The Three F’s: Friends, Food, and Fireflies

This has been a busy week full of the normal stuff of life. You know, laundry, grocery shopping, spring cleaning, that kind of stuff. Nothing wild or crazy has happened with the animals. After last week, I am thankful that it has been calmer.
I haven’t written much this week. That is unusual for me. There was only one blog post and very little written in my journal. I have no idea why. It didn’t seem important to sit and write until this morning. I want to tell you about friends, food, and fireflies.


It has been a people filled week. Since I am an introvert, sometimes I find people overwhelming. Not this week. I have no idea what makes the difference. On Tuesday, we had lunch with our pastor. It was good to hear his heart. That evening, Hubby went to a men’s Bible study and I went to a women’s group. On Thursday, we had some friends over for dinner. We are getting to know this couple. They are both Master Gardeners like I am. They also want to get involved with sheep. It seems strange but we are helping them to get started. We have only been involved with sheep for four years and still feel like novices ourselves. Today we are having dinner and playing board games with long term friends. We have known these people for about ten years. We try to get together once a month and alternate houses. This month, it is at their house.



So many gatherings revolve around food. Ours this week have been no different. We had lunch with the pastor at a local burger joint. They have tables outside and the weather was perfect so we ate outside. Hubby’s men’s group shares a meal. I made my world famous chocolate chip cookies for him to bring. I usually bake about 12 dozen when I make them; some to share and some for us. At the women’s group, we had build it yourself taco salads. On Thursday, I went all out for the meal. I am half Italian. My grandparents came over from Sicily around 1900. I make an amazing spaghetti. I made some Amish white bread. I usually make 2-4 loaves a week. I did a garlic butter dipping sauce for the bread. I tried a new cherry pie  bar recipe for dessert. And our guests brought a Mediterranean salad. Tonight we are going to have chicken fajitas. I am bringing the leftover dessert from Thursday and ice cream.

Amazing taste & easy to make.

I made it with gluten free flour.




Spring in rural south Texas brings two things I love, hummingbirds and fireflies. In some parts, they are called lightening bugs. Here we call them fireflies. My younger daughter says that I get as excited as a kid in a candy store about those two creatures. I sit on our front porch swing at twilight and watch for the flashes as it gets dark. It is marvelous! The other night, my husband saw a firefly that I would have loved to see. His story was hilarious.
He had gotten into bed, I was already there. Duke, our indoor Great Pyrenees, was laying down by his side of the bed. He had turned out the lamp on his nightstand and noticed that Duke was glowing. He watched it for a few seconds and the glow would blink off and on. He goes digging around in Duke’s fur and found a firefly! He picked it up and took it outside. The next morning, he tells me this story. I was amazed and sad I missed it.

The great firefly catcher at rest. There is an antler under his head.

How has your week been? I would love to hear from you.

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