The snake is dead


See what great love the Father has lavished on us,

that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!

1 John 3:1



My Quiet time

The other day during my quiet time I was thinking that I am God’s child. I was pondering all that could mean for my day. I ended with a prayer that went something like this. Help me to see your love and care for me today because I am your child.


Little did I know the answer would involve a snake!

Both my husband and older daughter were at work. My younger daughter and I were feeding our Great Pyrenees breakfast. She noticed that one of the seven month old puppies had lost her collar.  The two puppies have several places they like to stash their “treasures”. We hoped the collar was there.  We didn’t find the collar and walked back towards the house. Right near the house, we saw a rat snake! (Photos of rat snakes on linked page.)

While rat snakes are not poisonous, their bite can be painful. They are as “good snakes” to have around. Unless, you have chickens. If they get into the chicken coop, they will eat the eggs. We have had a rat snake eat a days’ worth of eggs; 10 or 12 eggs at a time. Our view is a good rat snake is a dead rat snake.

We have lived here 4 ½ years. Every time a snake has appeared my husband has been home to deal with it. That is until this one. I am a Texas ranch girl so I don’t freak out. I am not a lady who screams. I don’t like snakes but if I don’t have to deal with one, I won’t.

So the other day, I had to deal with a snake by myself for the first time. Daughter was in charge of keeping the puppies away from the snake.

7-month-old puppies


 We have a 22 caliber rifle that we load with snake shot. (22 caliber is very small) We keep the rifle in a different location than we keep the ammo. I am a Texas ranch gal and have had firearms training classes. The instructors emphasize that if you ever need to use a firearm your adrenaline will be pumping. You don’t think as clear and your fine motor skills are not as precise.

The instructors were not kidding. I thought I knew where my husband kept the snake shot but I couldn’t find it. I knew that those snakes can move quickly so I didn’t want to waste time looking for the ammo. I did see a sheathed knifed. I figured I could cut off the snake’s head. I grabbed the knife and headed back outside.

By the time I got outside, I realized that this was not a smart idea. The knife had a small blade and I had no idea how sharp it was. It would mean that I would need to get close to the snake’s head. Not good. I had to come up with another plan.

As I walked toward the snake, I saw a cinder block.

The actual cinder block I used.

They are a multi-use tool around the ranch. It was going to have yet another purpose. If you have never picked one up, they are heavy, around 35 lbs. I figured if I dropped it on the snake’s head it would crush it. So I dropped a 35 lbs. cinder block from waist high onto the head of that darn snake. I was feeling pretty good about killing the snake so creatively. But…

The reports of its death were greatly exaggerated. After a minute or so, I picked up the cinder block. The snake was very alive and mad! It had its mouth wide open and was hissing at me. I dropped the cinder block back on the snake. At least it wasn’t moving.

Now I had an angry, trapped snake to kill. The situation was going downhill fast. I had to deal with the snake without my husband’s help. I couldn’t find the ammo for the rifle. It was a bad idea to try to cut its head off. The cinder block idea failed. What to do? But, I wasn’t frightened.

I got another idea. What if I combine the cinder block and the knife ideas? I had the snake’s head pinned under a cinder block so it was not dangerous

I used the knife to cut the snake in two. It was not easy because the blade was dull but it did the job. It was messy but the snake was dead. I disposed of the snake’s body, cleaned up and went back inside. All people, dogs and chickens were safe.

Where is all happened.

After the adrenaline wore off

I thought about my prayer that morning. “Help me to see your love and care for me today because I am your child.”

To be honest, I was not feeling loved and cared for the moment I saw that snake. I am not afraid of snakes but I despise them. I can and do deal with many things on the ranch. But I draw the line at three things: mice, dead chickens and snakes! Another family member needs to deal with them. This time, my husband was not at home to deal with the snake. It was my responsibility. I didn’t feel loved.

I did understand that God was giving me wisdom on how to deal with this. While the story took several paragraphs to tell, in reality it was short from start to finish. I the whole thing happened in under two minutes. I was hyped on adrenaline but I wasn’t frightened. My thoughts were clear and I was in control. An idea would come into my head and then I would reject it and go to the next idea. I felt God’s presence and his support.

I experienced his love and care. I got a hands on example of my Father lovingly helping me through a hard situation. It was a tangible answer to that prayer. I never want to kill another snake. But, living on a ranch, I will probably need to do it again. I now have a memory to hold onto that he was with me. He promises that he will never leave us or forsake us. He was right there with me when I killed that snake. He was there to give me wisdom, love and support as only a Father could.

For me that morning, it was easy to connect his love to my prayer. Most times, I I miss his loving Fatherly gestures to his daughter. I am trying to be more aware of his tender touches.

What about you?

Do you have a memory to hold onto to where he has shown you his love for you?  I would love to hear your stories. Please share them in the comments below.









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      I really, really hate snakes! We are blessed that we have never seen a poisonous here on our property. We know people nearby who have them. When we lived in the city in a subdivision, we had two dogs bit by a rattlesnake. They both survived but the vet bill was close to $2,000. Never want to do that again.


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