Harvey update

Veni, vidi, vici.

(Translation – I came, I saw, I conquered.)


Harvey came, saw and thought he conquered Texas. But, you don’t mess with Texas. Texas is a whole ‘nother breed. We will come back stronger than ever before. Yes, there is massive destruction and devastation. But people are helping their neighbors and the world is watching. Right now, races or political parties are not fighting each other. We saw the Cajun Navy come rescue people. We have seen ordinary people doing heroic measures to recuse people and animals. We have seen churches and animal shelters step up to help. And a big shout out to HEB’s disaster relief. They were on the way before the Red Cross or FEMA.  We are all Texans. I was proud to be a Texan before but I am more so now.

Harvey came to my town too. But, we were mostly spared his wrath. We got 9 inches of rain in our rain gauge. I have heard totals in this area as high as 12 inches. We had heavy wind gusts but little damage. We were concerned about the roof of the chicken coop but it was unscathed. This is the view out of our bedroom window.

We are heavily wooded. We had tree branches scrape the roof; it sounded horrible. No trees fell near the house.

We do have an area in the back part of the property that floods. This tree was downed in a previous flood but we now have four trees down along that fence line.  We will eventually need to remove the trees and repair the fences but doesn’t have to be done right now. We also have about 10 feet of fence on the far side of this photo that needs to be repaired. The flow of the water knocked it almost flat.

That is the extent of our damage. We were inconvenienced by about  5 or 6 hours of an electrical outage. I am not sure exactly how long it was because we had a generator. It was not bought for the storm. It was bought awhile back so that my husband could use power tools in places on the ranch that don’t have electricity. This was the first time it had been used to get electricity to our home.

My husband was amazing. He went out and got drenched to hook up the generator so that we could have power. It was much appreciated.

What was your experience of Harvey?


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