Windows to our lives

Fresh hay bales across the street

This is the view that greeted me the other day when I left the house.  The view was breathtaking. It was picture perfect. The blue sky with clouds floating effortlessly in the air. The trees perfectly angled to the side with hay bales dotting the landscape. The shadow in the road even adds an artistic element. And it was marred with the old, gray metal mailbox in the corner. I could have edited it out but I didn’t. You wouldn’t have known the difference but I would have. The view from my gate would not have been real if I left out the mailbox.

We do this in our lives all the time. We aren’t real, we aren’t authentic. We tell half-truths about ourselves because we don’t want to expose ourselves. Vulnerability is scary. Even with those we love, we hid behind walls and falsehoods. We fear rejection. We fear being exposed.

We do things like show off the beauty or talent in our lives. We hope that is all people will look at.

Lush trees outside my window.

This is the view from our bedroom window. It is gorgeous. It is peaceful and serene. It is inviting and welcoming. This is the view we enjoy showing off.


But if that is all I show you, you think that is what all of my property looks like. If you have never been to my home, you have no idea that our bedroom has two windows.  This is the stuff we hid and hope no one ever finds out. We protect it because it is hurtful, painful or embarrassing.  We all have windows like this.

The septic field behind the house.

We recently had to replace our septic system. Those green circles at the bottom left-hand corner are the access ports for the septic tank. In rural living, a septic system is where all the household waste goes to be processed and decomposed. The waste is decomposed in the tank and the water flows out to the drain field. There is no grass growing now. That whole area had to be excavated and repaired. We haven’t planted new grass seed yet. Once we do, the drain field will have a lush growth of grass year around. It will always have access to life-giving water.

We all have septic systems in our lives. If it is working properly; you never know it is there. It deals with the waste and junk in our lives. And the drain fields of our lives grow verdant grass where sheep can feed.

If it is not working like it should, our lives become smelly and backup with all kinds of pollution. Sometimes we don’t see that we have a problem but those around us can smell it a mile away.

Are you only showing off the “beautiful windows” in your life? We all need those people in our lives that we can be real with. That means sharing the “not perfect” windows in our lives. It leads to healthy relationships and lives that aren’t smelly with pollution.

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  1. Carole Miller

    Hi Mary – your blog is thoughtful and well-written.

    I just don’t have a lot of time to read but I try to get to yours. Read blogs that is! I do lotsa reading in the bible.


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