Hi, I am Mary C. Miller. The Mary who had the little lamb: I really do have lambs.  I am a middle-aged, petite country gal who loves the Lord. We live on the most beautiful piece of south central Texas that God created. We raise sheep, chickens, and ducks. We have 3 emus that hang around and look scary, and 8 dogs. Some of the dogs are spoiled house pets. Others are livestock guardian dogs that live outside and protect the sheep from predators.

Welcome to my blog. Years ago, when I was a teenager, I started talking to God using the written word. I know, not everyone has a written conversation with the God of the universe. But, to me, it makes perfect sense. It is how we talk. I guess you could call it prayer. Some of what God and I talk about is only for the two of us. Other things I will share on this blog. My hope is that snapshots of my relationship with God will help yours grow.